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About Us

Why BennysPage is Considered a Better Alternative to Craigslist


Let's be real! Craigslist is boring and outdated. It's time for something new! We take the pain out of online advertising. It's time to stop being left in the dark in reaching your business online marketing goals. BennysPage is advertising technology designed for Businesses to scale online. With a direct-to Consumer approach, BennysPage provides businesses of all sizes online advertising technology and real world business solutions with instantaneous results. Premium and Targeted web traffic that converts based on client and campaign attributes.

If you own a business, take it online with BennysPage!( Proprietary advertising technology engineered to provide premium and targeted results in real time with analytical data, at your fingertips. Servicing all the major cities across the globe. BennysPage offers all the services that were not previously available online. The company has its list of satisfied customers multiplying by the day. BennysPage site is well organized and replete with service providers in the sections and categories not limited to adult oriented ones. You must be 21 years old or older to use BennysPage helps businesses skyrocket to achieve online advertising goals pretty much instantly and in real time. BennysPage provides business owners with result oriented analytical data and campaign management technology visualizing real-time results. Clients who choose BennysPage witness upwards of 400%+ ROI within their first 90 days.


The User Experience

Customers can quickly select their location and search ads by filtering through results by section and category. Customers can also search ads typing out keywords in the search bar in selected locations, sections and categories. Among other products, Customers can buy and sell land, furniture, homes, cars, trucks, rvs, motor homes, jewelry and much much more. Customers can search ads in services, jobs, markets, adult personals and more. A new Backpage replacement or Craigslist alternative that provides business management solutions and immediate conversions to accelerate growth. BennysPage is the new alternative to Craigslist! Many similar websites have tried and are trying to compete but very few match in quality, reliability nor endure the same technological advances which BennysPage offers. Craigslist is one of the top classified ad websites in the world but it fails to put its customers first making it extremely difficult to run effective advertising campaigns consistently. Customers want to buy and sell products and services! BennysPage makes this possible for the consumer through facilitation technology, on the other end BennysPage also makes it possible for Businesses to prosper online by scaling ad campaigns that convert into sales. The site is also well-known for its community driven features, discussion boards, adult personals, business services and solutions.



Benefits for Businesses

Almost every industry today relies on digital advertising to showcase their business and induce sales of their products and or services. Customers too rely on classified sites and other ad viewing mediums enticing day to day retail purchases. The days of visiting physically going shopping have mostly transitioned to online shopping experiences since the big internet bang in the 2000s. Registering with is Simple. All you need is a Gmail account. Startups and small businesses including entrepreneurs, users and our resellers can expect free classified listings on our site. BennysPage literally provides a clear-cut advantage to all who seek to take advantage of premium targeted online advertising at scale. After partnering with BennysPage you won't ever have to worry about sourcing another advertising technology and service again. BennysPage will assist you with driving high quality web traffic to your business! Whether by phone, email or in person, BennysPage will ensure conversions, drive clients to your front door and drive sales for your business online in addition to providing your business no obligation FREE to TRY solutions to further scale your business online. With high volume consistent flow of organic real adult traffic daily within your demographic area, results are budget oriented. The number of locations and within specific sections and categories where you can publish is very high. There are numerous categories and industries that BennysPage caters to. You will easily find an appropriate section and or category for your requirements. Your purpose of placing ads with BennysPage is the top alternative to CraigsList to draw traffic to your business. As mentioned, the traffic that pours into BennysPage regularly is at scale. Your business can flourish instantaneously with greater reach and online visibility. Customers will find you wherever you are located, see your products and or services at a glance and have the ability to place orders in real time right from ads. BennysPage is the one-stop solution to publicize businesses online at scale. Prioritize your businesses by gaining exposure over peers and competing advertisers on BennysPage. As you must be aware, Backpage was and Craigslist still is a giant among the top free classified ad companies. Both ruled the trade for almost two decades available in more than 850 cities globally published in over 25+ languages. So is BennysPage, the difference?, we provide greater traffic at scale with analytical data so users track their conversions in real time in addition to other business SaaS and solutions.


Solutions and Services on Subscription

BennysPage is the most worthwhile Backpage alternative and Craigslist replacement in expanding your business online! BennysPage is free with access worldwide to search and post ads. A free classified PaaS with nominal fees for upgrading ad campaigns to gain greater than average exposure. Upgrade options vary from text ads to bold or highlighted titles, premium sponsorship's, extension of ad running duration schedules, fixating to local, regional, national or worldwide reach and more. In fact, advertising on BennysPage is FREE or practically minimal with transparent margins engineered to scale your traffic to the maximum!

In addition to providing customers with our advertising technology and management dashboard, BennysPage also provides end-to-end Business solutions and services. Not limited to a free online digital storefront solutions, Businesses can generate QR enabled product or service menus pinged to their ads that can be ordered from in real time directly upon converting traffic. So we don't only provide businesses with a platform to manage their business online, but also promote products or services, process orders in real time, store & market to contacts and run effective marketing campaigns that convert sales.

Point-of-Sale features enable the Creation and categorization of a menu of products and or services your business has to offer. Customers can place orders from you in minutes online right from your ads. Receive customer orders through the user dashboard. Receive cash or online payments for orders placed after delivery has been made or customer pick-up. Efficiently manage your businesses online food orders from an intuitive user-friendly dashboard. Use data gathered from your online sales to analyze your business revenue and growth. Build and manage your customer base by understanding their order and spending habits. Safeguard your business income in deflationary digital assets like bitcoin.

Through customer success, retention and loyalty, BennysPage intends on incorporating additional business solutions whether by acquisition, custom feature development or suggestion through its PaaS direct to its customers for FREE or paid subscriptions intended to scale businesses as all in one PaaS SaaS solution.


Customer First Policy

BennysPage is doing well since its inception in the race to dominate the digital ad sector in competing with Craigslist as a preferred replacement. Thousands of businesses worldwide are prospering due to the growing popularity of BennysPage adtech, business solutions and services. Our greatest feature BennysPage developed to put our customers first. We ensure our customers are receiving effective daily results that increase their overall bottom line. In addition, Account Managers ensure clients receive priority customer service and results.


Generate New Business

Finding new clients for your business may be one of the most difficult tasks to endure unless you have a reliable platform to advertise on that provides you with the leads you need consistently. Entrepreneurs can spend hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years looking for the right prospects. Those days are over! BennysPage is your partner when you're ready to take your business to the next level! ONLINE!

Display your business online with BennysPage and get high quality real time results instantly. The most effective way to advertise online, simple, quick and effective. You can do it yourself with your own account ad manager or if you need assistance, a dedicated sales rep can help you on demand. It's never been easier.



All ads posted are processed for moderation through various AI mechanisms to prevent misuse of illicit content before being published. In addition, BennysPage enables its community of Customers to flag ads through reporting mechanisms should misuse of ads slip through AI protocols. BennyPage is the top contender on the list of sites similar to Backpage and Craigslist. The risks of spam or fake ads are primarily filtered by community participation through regular moderation and the reporting of inconsistent ads. All the advertisements are verified for legality, authenticity, and reliability before being published.


Become a Reseller

The process of maintaining multiple business profiles with possibly multiple locations that require multiple ad campaigns is now easy, clean and organized as ever to manage. Service providers can now break into the world of reselling online digital advertising on Grow your own book of business by selling online advertising and business POS solutions B2B and join an ever growing network of ad sales reps across the globe.

Six to seven figures annually is more realistic than ever before. Selling digital ad space can have you earning 3-10% in recurring revenue streams on a daily basis. Many businesses today are in search of dependable online advertising sites like Craigslist to run local, regional, national and worldwide campaigns. From local places to fortune 50 organizations, all who seek viable commercial direct to consumer reach online. BennysPage provides scalable online traffic that converts for it's clients reaching benchmarks on a daily basis to meet marketing goals.


Adult personals, dating and classifieds

Most men and even women for that matter want to have an adventurous time when they arrive in a new city or travel destination. These days it's not as simple as it once was to meet, greet and date or to be lucky enough to find your perfect match. With BennysPage adult personals, dating ads and classifieds sections, it's now possible and exciting as ever before to begin dating again. Whether your looking for marriage, casual friendship, no strings attached, a sex buddy, a sugar daddy, companion or escort services, the best place to search is here. However, it is important that in your search for escorts or companions you do not presume everyone you come across is an escort or a companion. BennysPage takes pride in its dating communities around the globe. Please be respectful in any communications, in all regards, to any advertising referenced.